Top 25 Hypertips Round-Up from Twitter

I thought it would be fun to hand pick the top 25 music production tips from my #Hypertips series on Twitter, where I highlight some personal thoughts, tips, techniques, and tricks inside of music production 4 days a week, every week 🙂 

Top 8 Entry Level Hardware Synths

What about hardware synths? There are old and new brands. Prices are all over the board. And on top of that, there’s additional equipment you need to get the most out of a hardware synth, like cables and an audio interface.

It can be a difficult and expensive decision to navigate. We’re going to clear this up once and for all.

8 Strategies to Make Your Music More Human

To create a handmade, personal feel in your tracks, you must be intentional about creating the right imperfections. In essence, you are adding human variance back into the electronic realm of music creation. Here are 8 techniques to help you do exactly that.

10 Reasons to Upgrade to Ableton 10

Ableton Live 10 brings some serious improvements to the table. I’ve spent the better part of this year testing the new features in my own workflow and simply put: there are some updates that I can’t live without.

A Guide to Automation and Movement in Music

Learn how to make people move to your music. Learn that working in the digital domain gives us the ability to find and sculpt advanced parameter changes over time with automation.

The Art of Arranging a Song

Soon you’ll find that arrangement becomes an inseparable part of your workflow, all the way from the initial idea through the mixdown. This post gives you a rock solid plan to start achieving that.

Writer’s Block Isn’t Real: 4 Limiting Beliefs in Music Production

Any time you feel stranded in the sea of writer’s block, know that there’s always a way out: action. You don’t write music by thinking. You write music by doing. The purpose of this article is to give you four actionable strategies to help you let go of the limiting mindsets that are developed in the early years of producing music.

How On Earth Do I Use Compression?

Compression was built for one purpose (to reduce the dynamic range of a signal), but it can be used to achieve many specific results within a mix. Learn them here!

Mixing & Mastering Electronic Music in 2019

Mixing and Mastering electronic music is extremely hard. So today, I’m going to share the most popular mixing and mastering mistakes I see producers of all levels making (including myself at one point in time).

Music Networking: How To Win Friends and Influence People (in EDM!)

We’ve all heard stories of insanely talented artists getting accidentally “discovered” – but, that only happens to an incredibly small number of people, and it’s nothing you can count on when it comes to your career in music. More likely than not, the next Adele is singing in a cover band in Des Moines, Iowa, and her music will never get heard by the right people that could help launch her career. There are probably hundreds of her all over the world.

65+ Online Tools for Music Producers & Artists

Here are over 65 of my favorite tools that I’ve used over the past 10 years to help me create music, manage my projects, tame distractions, improve my creativity, and generally make me a half-decent, relatively-productive human being. As a music producer, you might not only be asked to be a mixing engineer, a mastering engineer, a composer, and a sound designer (which are daunting on their own), but also a marketer, copywriter, graphic designer, web developer, manager, lawyer, and a business owner.

A Simple Man’s Guide to Basic Music Theory for Producers

Any online music theory course will present the same exact information in their course as what is in this article, albeit with some additional examples and exercises to work through. And with a little additional digging, some practice, some fundamental music theory, and a few modern-day music theory hacks, you’ll be well on your way to learning the necessities of music theory for computer musicians.

The Ultimate Guide to Multiband Compression: Tips, Techniques & Plugins

Instead of aimlessly tweaking and adjusting knobs and parameters because it’s fun to touch (and I admit, it is), let’s demystify multiband compression.  In fact, we’re giving you 8 of our favorite multiband compression strategies and techniques, complete with video examples for each. Plus, this article contains a little list of our top 5 favorite multiband compression plugins.

8 Things You’re Doing That Are Ruining the Quality of Your Music

In music production, however, there are some common poor practices that many producers do not even realize are part of their workflow and music creation process. The good part here, is that these are fixable items that, once addressed, will immediately improve the quality of your productions.

103 Music Production Tips: Mixing, Mastering, Sound Design, Composition & Mindset

In reality, music production is a grind. It’s a true struggle – a beautiful pursuit that pairs a musical art-form with the technicalities of science. And I’m not going to lie, I love it. When things are clicking, sitting down and creating or engineering music is one of the most rewarding thrills I get to experience on a daily basis.