Our Top 10 Free Plugins For Music Producers in 2019

Anyone who tells you don’t need third-party plugins outside of your DAW is lying to you. In 2019, third-party plugins are necessary to get the job done when trying to create the highest caliber of professional sounding music. Here are our 10 absolute favorite, most impactful free tools we’re using every day in 2019 (…and just FYI, this is NOT a list of 213254331434 plugins you don’t need).

Redefining Sound Design: 5 Innovative Techniques

With this article, I want to arm you with the tools you need to go back to your DAW with a discerning ear and an innovator’s mindset. I’ll share some of my favorite fresh sound design techniques, but it’s not enough to simply implement these techniques and call it a day. You must uncover the thought process behind these techniques, and begin to innovate yourself.

The Best Way to Learn Music Theory (Music Theory for Dummies)

The purpose of this article is to show you how to learn music theory. I’ll cover that top 20% at a high level, and link out to resources where you can further your knowledge. Remember – music theory isn’t theoretical. It’s not meant to be filed away in your mind. You win by applying these tools to a composition.

12 Songwriting Tips For Music Producers

Sure, beat-making is a blast. And it’s satisfying to dial in reverb to get it to sit just right. But writing a song… that’s the real deal. That’s what it’s all about. People don’t connect with EQ and compression. They connect with stories. When we’re talking about songs, we’re in the arena of vulnerability and connectedness. Common humanity and honesty. That’s songwriting.

The Ultimate Guide to Reverb for Music Producers

I’ve put together a comprehensive guide for how to treat reverb like a professional. Just like anything within music production, knowing the principles isn’t enough. You must also have the right tools, and know when to use them. We’ll cover all of that!

The Ultimate Guide to Starting Songs: 22 Foolproof Techniques to Crush Writer’s Block

Remember this: where a song starts is less important than the fact that you’re making progress. The important things is to get started, and to keep moving forward to the best of your ability. Many well-remembered songs were written quickly, because hesitation is the death of creativity.

Once you’ve identified the vibe you’re working with, you can use one of these fire-starters to get the track moving.

The 7 Deadly Mistakes New Music Producers Make

My hope is that this articles sparks the latent professional within you. My dream is that everyone who reads this comes out with a clearer understanding of how to actually get better at making music.

Top 25 Hypertips Round-Up from Twitter

I thought it would be fun to hand pick the top 25 music production tips from my #Hypertips series on Twitter, where I highlight some personal thoughts, tips, techniques, and tricks inside of music production 4 days a week, every week 🙂 

Top 8 Entry Level Hardware Synths

What about hardware synths? There are old and new brands. Prices are all over the board. And on top of that, there’s additional equipment you need to get the most out of a hardware synth, like cables and an audio interface.

It can be a difficult and expensive decision to navigate. We’re going to clear this up once and for all.

8 Strategies to Make Your Music More Human

To create a handmade, personal feel in your tracks, you must be intentional about creating the right imperfections. In essence, you are adding human variance back into the electronic realm of music creation. Here are 8 techniques to help you do exactly that.

10 Reasons to Upgrade to Ableton 10

Ableton Live 10 brings some serious improvements to the table. I’ve spent the better part of this year testing the new features in my own workflow and simply put: there are some updates that I can’t live without.

A Guide to Automation and Movement in Music

Learn how to make people move to your music. Learn that working in the digital domain gives us the ability to find and sculpt advanced parameter changes over time with automation.

The Art of Arranging a Song

Soon you’ll find that arrangement becomes an inseparable part of your workflow, all the way from the initial idea through the mixdown. This post gives you a rock solid plan to start achieving that.

Writer’s Block Isn’t Real: 4 Limiting Beliefs in Music Production

Any time you feel stranded in the sea of writer’s block, know that there’s always a way out: action. You don’t write music by thinking. You write music by doing. The purpose of this article is to give you four actionable strategies to help you let go of the limiting mindsets that are developed in the early years of producing music.

How On Earth Do I Use Compression?

Compression was built for one purpose (to reduce the dynamic range of a signal), but it can be used to achieve many specific results within a mix. Learn them here!

Mixing & Mastering Electronic Music in 2019

Mixing and Mastering electronic music is extremely hard. So today, I’m going to share the most popular mixing and mastering mistakes I see producers of all levels making (including myself at one point in time).