Top 25 Hypertips Round-Up from Twitter

Top 25 #Hypertips
Round Up from Twitter

** Five days per week on Twitter, I share production tips, workflow hacks and my favorite creativity and productivity quotes I’ve come across in a series called #Hypertips. This is a collection of some of the highlights from this past year. **

The year is winding down and as we look forward to 2020, I want to look back at what an incredible year 2019 has been. 

The 10-year challenge went viral back in January, the Game of Thrones final season disappointed, the US women’s team won the world cup, for better or for worse the ‘Bottle Cap Challenge’ happened, ‘The Joker’ became the first R-rated movie to pass $1 billion at the box office, oh and the US president got impeached. What a year to be alive.

And while all that was happening, our team has been hard at work. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

1. We ran the Hyperbits Masterclass 2x. Every April & October, we head to the frontlines of music production education and connect directly with hungry, talented, up & coming producers. This year we worked closely with more producers than ever before. And while this isn’t technically new, we take extreme pride in working so closely with you guys.

2. We completely revamped & updated the Hyperbits Masterclass. All in, this took over 10 months, but we got her done! The entire curriculum of the Masterclass is now updated with material applicable to 2020 and beyond. I’m not going to lie, this was a massive undertaking but it feels amazing to have the most up to date course on the internet. Plus, we updated the aesthetic for those of you who like looking at pretty stuff.

3. We built and launched two new courses/products. The Songwriting Matrix came out in June, after nearly 3 months of late nights and short deadlines. I can confidently say we built the most extensive, helpful songwriting course for producers on the internet. The Hyperbits Creative Suite came out in late August, after working with world renown sound designers, composers, musicians, and producers to create (in our eyes) the best collection of royalty-free sounds we could possibly have wanted. The response to both courses was larger than we expected, so thank you to everyone who decided to try them. 

4. We kept the Hyperbits blog going strong. When it comes to the article on our blog, we shoot for quality over quantity, but we still managed to write 20+ new articles this year 20+ new articles this year and were named the #2 music production blog on the internet by Feedspot. 

5. We kept the Hypertips series going strong on Twitter. Personally, I took a social media detox & hiatus for most of 2019, aside from Twitter, where we delivered a quick production tip 5x per week, a series called #HyperTips (…I know, we’re so clever). Speaking of which… 

With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to hand pick the top 25 music production tips from my #Hypertips series on Twitter, where I highlight some personal thoughts, tips, techniques, and tricks inside of music production 4 days a week, every week 🙂 

And as a little bonus, here are a handful of my absolute favorite quotes about creativity, musicianship and productivity that I discovered (or re-discovered) in the past year:

I truly hope that everyone that’s part of the Hyperbits fam has a happy, healthy and productive year ahead. Here’s to crushing our goals together. Make sure to follow me on Twitter for new tips five days per week!