How to Master a Song in any DAW: Logic, Ableton, FL Studio, etc.

You can master a song in any DAW. Yep, that’s right — Ableton, Logic, FL Studio, whatever you’re using, you can do your masters right there. And the best part? Mastering itself isn’t that hard, so long as you have a bit of guidance. Here is how you master a song in any DAW.

How to Mix Music: 8 Technical Steps for Beginners

So, how do you actually mix music? How do you make your volume levels right? How do you get rid of muddiness? How do you make music LOUD like the pros? What on earth are you supposed to do first?!

Below are 8 technical steps for how beginners can mix music. Make sure you make it all the way to the end: numbers 5-7 are my top three processing tips.
That said, here are 9 methods that have worked for me. These strategies allowed me to quit my corporate job, remix artists like Beyoncé and Tove Lo, work with labels like Universal, Sony & Ultra and eventually start an online music production school that has now helped thousands and thousands of music producers.

Our Top 10 Free Plugins For Music Producers in 2020

Anyone who tells you don’t need third-party plugins outside of your DAW is lying to you. In 2019, third-party plugins are necessary to get the job done when trying to create the highest caliber of professional sounding music. Here are our 10 absolute favorite, most impactful free tools we’re using every day in 2019 (…and just FYI, this is NOT a list of 213254331434 plugins you don’t need).

8 Creativity Hacks: How to Start Your Song in an Empty DAW

How many times have you sat down at your computer with the intention of producing a track – only to be intimidated and hindered by the blank DAW staring back at your face?