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Your Music Before Hyperbits… a struggle-fest. So don't do what 99% of music producers do. They feed on shiny objects and noisy clips on social media. Their attention span is 14 seconds. They buy every new plugin and sample pack. Confused about what to do, they try to do everything to make sure they cover all the bases.

Your Music After Hyperbits...

...will sound as good as (or better than) your favorite artists. No more searching the depths of the internet for answers. No more convoluted Youtube tuts. No more endlessly Googling for more tips. No more blog posts with conflicting advice. Just a proven system that works.

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What Makes Us Different?

Artists first

We’re a collective of artists first, who just happen to be great at teaching. We’re absolutely obsessed with making music and teaching what we’ve learned along the way.

Professional Approach

We use third-party plugins because that’s what the pros use. We won’t dumb anything down — we challenge our students by treating you as an adult.

The Truth

We don’t sugar-coat anything. We provide real answers based on decades of experience and actual results in the music industry. Speaking of which...

Results. Results. Results.

We don’t give out fancy diplomas or certificates, but we do provide you with real results: you’ll finish more music, improve your workflow, mix and master like the pros — and you’ll have fun doing it.

Producers Inside Our Platform
Producers In Our Community
Producers Reached
  • Paul Riggio

    Producer for Film & TV

“All of my mixes sound fuller, professional and polished. I broke through to the next level!”
  • Michael Regina

    Music Producer

“Songs used to take me several weeks to complete. Now I’m finishing in 1-2 days.”
  • Jose Herrera

    Audio Engineer

“I made over $500 last month mastering other people’s music, prior to the class I made $0.”
  • Jack Leech

    Music Producer | Nurko

“Because of Hyperbits, I was able to make my music sound literally 3x bigger and fuller."
  • BT

    Grammy Nominated Producer & Technologist

“Wow, did I ever learn a lot. You could not ask for a better resource. Highly recommended."
  • Hemanth Kini

    Music Producer

“I got more out of the 8 weeks of this class than I did of the four years of production before it.”
  • Dan Illisen

    Music Producer

“I now understand what distinguishes an amateur sound from a pro sound.”
  • Jose Vallado

    Audio Engineer

“It takes hard work but I’m seeing results. Helped me land a job as an audio engineer for Youtube!”
  • Michael York

    Music Producer | SUAHN

“I have a BFA in audio engineering but learned more here than in those 4 years.”
  • Robin Eriksson

    Music Producer

“Hyperbits taught me how to stand a chance! I just landed a dream job after taking this class.”
  • Anna Sofia

    Music Producer | Ms. Unicorn

“This class advanced my production skills where it now sounds commercial & polished.”
  • Adrian Gutierrez

    Music Producer

“My music sounds clearer, sharper, more dynamic. Got a few tracks signed to solid labels!”

Meet the Team

We're a small collective of music producers and educators that have made music our life. We're artists first, we just happen to be great at teaching.


Hyperbits (Serik)

Founder, Head-Honcho, The Big Cheese
I've done official remixes for artists like Beyonce, Tove Lo and Nick Jonas. I've signed record deals with Universal, Island and Sony, and I've worked with brands like Target, Samsung and Equinox. I'm a health enthusiast and sunshine affectionado.

Syence (Zach)

Lead Instructor, Sound Design Expert, Ableton Wizard
I've signed record deals with Universal and Sony, and have done official remixes for artists like The Chainsmokers and Tove Lo. I've worked with brands like Google, Netflix, MTV and Toyota. I also have a degree in aerospace engineering.

Anden (Pete)

Creativity Connoisseur, Logic Pro Guru, ‘Feels’ Fanatic
I've had support from Pete Tong, Tiesto, Armin and Lane 8, and performed at Mysteryland, Moonrise Festival, Miami Music Week and the Anjunabeats North America Tour. I've had releases on Anjunabeats, Republic and Sony.