8 Creativity Hacks: How to Start Your Song in an Empty DAW

OCTOBER 13th, 2017 How many times have you sat down at your computer with the intention of producing a track – only to be intimidated and hindered by the blank DAW staring back at your face? Creative road blocks in the beginning stages of the production process are a very real hurdle – something I consider super close to my …

The Ultimate Guide to Loudness

So, why is the loudness war over?
Well, all the streaming platforms have individually decided to match the loudness of the music on their platform to one singular loudness level. So, whether you make super loud dubstep or very light orchestral music, the average loudness our listeners will be listening at will always be the same.

20 Lessons In Music Production I Wish I Knew When I Started

Hey, Hyperbits here. Guess what? It’s story time, kids. But I’m not writing to you… I’m writing to myself. Well, the old me. I’m writing to that insecure but ambitious 22-year-old who had never made music on a computer, almost 9 years ago…

8-Step Finishing Checklist

8-Step Finishing Checklist

“Our art is never truly finished. We just get to stop at our deadline.” – Brad Bird. Finishing music is hard. In fact, I would argue it’s the most difficult aspect of the creative process. It’s just a lot easier to endlessly tweak your music than it is to confidently put the finishing touches on a song and release it out into the world.