Terms & Conditions

We are excited to invite all customers and members to enjoy all the features this site has to offer, but we must require that we all abide by certain rules so that no one’s rights are infringed in any way. Failure to abide by these rules can result in immediate termination of access.


1. 24-Hour Lock Outs. 
Please do not share your log in passwords and user names. This system is designed to detect sharing immediately, and suspend any account where more than one person signs in using the same username and password and/or from multiple devices/locations. Some members have shared their membership details and have found themselves locked out. If multiple devices login with the same password/login name – you will automatically get locked out. You will not be able to log back in for 24 hours. Repeated lockouts can result in membership termination. The lock out feature is to prevent the sharing of account details.

2. Do not reprint, republish, repost, or otherwise distribute or transmit content, images or video training presented on this site – unless you have permission. Downloading is easy, but just because you may be able to copy/download our content doesn’t mean you own it. Unauthorized use of or copying of content, trademarks, video training and other proprietary material can subject you to civil or even criminal liability. Do not violate our copyright.

3. The team at Hyperbits Music has no mandate to edit or to monitor messages posted on any of our forums or members-only online communities on Facebook or elsewhere, but we do have the right to edit or remove objectionable postings. The person posting a message is solely responsible for it, not Hyperbits Music LLC. Violators may be permanently banned from using the forums or even have their membership terminated.

4. We will do everything we can to assist with any problems you may have. We will gladly answer questions through the website and even personally to help you resolve your issue. But this does not mean things such as ‘teaching you how to design sounds by email, critiquing your music’ etc. For all intents and purposes – this help is defined as free help and advice given in response to questions asked in the members-only communities and forums – and in the many collections of free training classes we hold (via webinars, training videos, etc.).

5. Cancellation Of Membership: For the Hyperbits Masterclass, you are able to cancel at any time prior to the third week of instruction. Refunds in whole or in part are given before the commencement of the third week in the course. It’s your responsibility to cancel if you wish to do so. If using a payment plan, membership lockouts will be temporarily paused if payment fails, and reinstated upon completed payment. 1on1s sessions will not be honored if payment plans are not met. 1on1 sessions in the Masterclass must be completed within 30 days of course completion. It is your responsibility to schedule the 1on1 session based on availability of the instructors.

Our standalone courses including the Start to Finish w/ Hyperbits, the Start to Finish w/ Syence & Mix Master Flow each have a 100% money-back guarantee for up to 30 days after purchase. The Radio Ready Bootcamp has a 100% money-back guarantee for up to 60 days after purchase. It’s your responsibility to cancel and request a refund if you wish to do so.

To be eligible for a refund for The Songwriting Matrix, you must request a refund within 30 days of purchase and show us you’ve done the exercises and songwriting challenges from the extended learning pack.

Cancellations are processed Monday – Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, holidays excluded. Please submit your cancellation request via our contact page.

6. Exchange Rate: for non U.S. members the price of our products and courses is set in U.S. Dollars. If you are not in the U.S. – you will be billed at your local currency (i.e. the U.S. price will be exchanged to your currency). Any transaction involving a currency conversion is completed at a daily adjusted foreign exchange rate determined by our payment processor (and a wholesale foreign currency provider that the processor uses). This exchange rate may be higher than the wholesale interbank rate to cover the costs of obtaining and managing the currency. We do not control the exchange rate and have no influence or these values.

7. Copyright and Trademark Law: 
All editorial content and graphics on this site are protected by U.S. copyright and international treaties and may not be copied or re-used without the express written permission of hyperbitsmusic.com, which reserves all rights.


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